SEASON: 12 | YEAR: 1960

Game 84 | January 14, 1960 | Bob May
The North Dakota Fighting Sioux won the College Hockey Championship in 1959 under coach Bob May, and the team was runner-up the year before. Just 30 years old when he was the winning coach, he went to his alma mater; North Dakota, from Minneapolis Roosevelt, as coach, where he was succeeded by "Badger Bob" Johnson.

Game 85 | January 26, 1960 | Enos Slaughter
A future Hall of Famer at the time he appeared, Slaughter in 1959 completed a major league career that started with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1938. He hit .300 or better for 19 seasons, the first 13 with the Cardinals. He starred for the New York Yankees in the 1950s and died in 2002 at age 86.

(LtoR) Phil Sieff (physician), Enos Slaughter, Tom Moore, Jr.

Game 86 | February 9, 1960 | Ossie Solem
It was time to recognize one of the pioneers of Gopher football. Solem starred in 1916 and 1917 and went on to a successful coaching career at Drake, Syracuse and Iowa.

Game 87 | March 18, 1960 | John Sloan, Phil Collins
Handball was extremely popular locally and nationally in the 1950s. Sloan was the national singles and doubles champion at the time, and Collins was his doubles partner.

Game 88 | June 24, 1960 | John Erickson, Jim Rantz
Dick Siebert's Gophers came back from Omaha with their second College World Series championship in four years. Erickson and Rantz were the team's stars, and Rantz would later be elected to the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame for his many years of service in developing minor league players for the parent team.

Game 89 | July 29, 1960 | Clarence Campbell, Jack Adams
Campbell served as president of the National Hockey League from 1946-1977. He was a strong voice behind the need to expand the league, which happened in 1967 when the NHL doubled in size and added the Minnesota North Stars. Adams, a hockey Hall of Famer as a player; served as coach or general manager of the Detroit Red Wings for 36 years.

Game 90 | September 28, 1960 | Pete Rozelle, Bert Rose
After the death of Bert Bell, Rozelle, on the 23rd ballot, was named commissioner of the National Football League in January of 1960. He held the job until 1989 and is generally considered to be one of the best commissioners in the history of any professional sport. When Minnesota was given an NFA expansion franchise in 1960, Rose, a long-time friend of Rozelle's, was hired as the team's first general manager.

(LtoR) Norm McGrew, Bert Rose, Pete Rozelle, Bill Boyer (physician)

Game 91 | November 18, 1960 | Bob Allison
Not only was major league football coming to Minnesota in 1961, but so was major league baseball in the form of the Washington Senators. Future Dunker Head Coach Bob Allison was the American League Rookie of the Year in 1959, and the left fielder was to be one of the early stars of the soon-to-be Minnesota Twins.

Game 92 | November 23, 1960 | Tom Brown, Gregory Larson
Brown was one of the top defensive linemen in Gopher history and the Big Ten's Most Valuable Player on the Gophers' national championship team. He turned down an offer from the National Football League to go north to Winnipeg, and he went on to become a legend in Canadian football. Larson also starred at center on the 1960 Gopher team, which won the National Championship. He went on to center the New York Giants team in the NFL.

(LtoR) Back row: Babe LeVoir, Louis Gross; Front row: Gregory Larson, Tom Brown


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