SEASON: 46 | YEAR: 1994

Game 453 | February 10, 1994 | Mark Rosen, Joe Schmit, Randy Shaver, Jim Filleland
Only WCCO TV's Rosen remained from the group of sports anchors who had spoken to Dunkers in the summer of 1989. Once again they talked about their backgrounds and how they came to their current positions. Schmit, after leaving KSTP TV, became a member of Dunkers in 2007.

Game 454 | March 1, 1994 | Bud Grant
During his 18 years as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, Grant led the team to four Super Bowls. In 1994 he was honored by the National Football League as a new member in its Hall of Fame. Grant was introduced by long-time friend Sid Hartman. Despite his best efforts to remain stoic, Grant temporarily broke down during his remarks when he talked about how proud his parents would have been.

Game 455 | March 4, 1994 | John Anderson
Arizona, Arizona State and Ohio State joined the Gophers in the 1994 Oscar Meyer Classic. Anderson's Gophers, behind the pitching of Jim Brower and the hitting of Shane Gunderson and Charlie Nelson, finished 42-21, losing to Florida and Miami of Florida in the NCAA East Regionals.

Game 456 | April 6, 1994 | Tommy John, Bob Carpenter, Dick Bremer, Al Newman
This WCCO TV/Midwest Sports Channel television broadcast crew was together for only the 1994 season. Newman, the former utility infielder, left the next year, as did Carpenter. John, the former All-Star pitcher, stayed through 1997. Bremer; who joined the crew in 1983, celebrated 25 years of Twins broadcasting in 2008.

Game 457 | April 28, 1994 | Mike Veeck
Proclaiming "Fun is Good," Veeck brought minor league baseball back to Minnesota when he established the St. Paul Saints in 1993. Playing to large young crowds, Veeck's teams featured players such as Minnie Minoso, Darryl Strawberry, J.D. Drew, Jack Morris and Ila Borders. Baseballs were delivered to the home plate umpire courtesy of a trained pig. In 2008, the pig was christened "Boarack Ohama."

Game 458 | May 11, 1994 | Kevin McHale
Following a Hall-of Fame career with the Boston Celtics, where he played on three NBA Championship teams, Hibbing-born McHale came back to Minnesota as a television analyst and special assistant to the front office. Shortly after his Dunkers appearance he was promoted to Assistant General Manager.

Game 459 | May 18, 1994 | Tom Kelly, Matt Walbeck
With Brian Harper gone, the Twins traded Willie Banks to the Cubs in an off-season deal for Walbeck and pitcher Dave Stevens. Walbeck became the starting catcher that year, but hit only .204 with five home runs and 35 RBIs. In a strike-shortened season, Kelly's Twins finished in fourth place, 14 games out of first.

Game 460 | June 3, 1994 | Don Ohlmeyer
As a television producer at ABC, Ohlmeyer was responsible for Wide World of Sports, Monday Night Football and three different Olympic games. He later moved to NBC where he rebuilt the network around the acquisition of shows such as Seinfield, Friends, ER, Homicide, Frazier and Will and Grace.

Game 461 | June 8, 1994 | Charles Mecham, Kelly Robbins, Cindy Figg-Currier
With the LPGA returning to Edinburgh USA for the Minnesota LPGA Classic, Dunkers was visited by Commissioner Mecham and players Robbins and Figg-Currier. The event was won by Sweden's Liselotte Neumann. Robbins won the Jamie Farr Classic in 1994 and the LPGA Championship the next year. Texan Figg-Currier reduced her tour playing time in 1995 after the birth of her first child.

Game 462 | June 22, 1994 | Johann Olav Koss
A huge local favorite of the Olympic crowds in Lillehamer, Norwegian Koss won gold medals in three different speed skating events, setting world records in all three. He and American skater Bonnie Blair were named Co-Athletes of the Year by Sports Illustrated.

Game 463 | July 5, 1994 | Tony Jacklin
Now playing on the Champion's Tour, Jacklin recalled for Dunkers his 1970 U.S. Open victory at Hazeltine. Jacklin, who retired from tournament golf in 2004, had just turned 50 and was appearing for the first year on the senior (50 and over) tour in 1994.

Game 464 | July 12, 1994 | Dennis Green
It was Green's third year as Viking coach, and the team won another Central Division championship, finishing 10-6. Once again, however, the team could not get beyond the first round of the playoffs, losing 35-18 to the Chicago Bears at the Metrodome.

Game 465 | August 10, 1994 | Jim Wacker
The performance of the football Gophers didn't improve in 1994. The team finished 3-8, won only one of eight Big Ten games and finished 11th.

Game 466 | August 31, 1994 | John Gordon, Herb Carneal
It was the 32nd season for Carneal, who joined the Twins broadcast team in 1962, the team's second year in Minnesota. Gordon, who had worked with the New York Yankees, came to the Twins in their 1987 championship season. The two shared radio play-by-play duties for 20 years before Carneal's death just before the start of the 2007 season.

Game 467 | September 13, 1994 | Glen Taylor
With sagging attendance and mounting costs, the Timberwolves owners tried unsuccessfully to sell the team to New Orleans interests. Blocked by the NBA, they sold to Mankato businessman Taylor, who was best known to Minnesotans as the Minority Leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives from 1984-1986.

Game 468 | September 28, 1994 | Bill Blair
Following the brief, but unsuccessful, tenure of Sidney Lowe as coach of the Timberwolves, the team turned the reins over to career assistant Bill Blair for the 1984-'85 season. The professional basketball highlight of the season was the NBA All Star game at which Wolves' rookie Isaiah Rider won the slam dunk championship with his between-the-legs "East Bay Funk Dunk."

Game 469 | October 25, 1994 | Clem Haskins, Doug Woog, Chad Kolander, Townsend Orr
In Haskins' ninth season the team again made it to the NCAA Tournament, losing to St. Louis in the first round of East Regionals. Kolander started at forward and Orr at guard, but the season results were all washed out as part of NCAA penalties. Woog's hockey Gophers, led by Brian Bonis, Ryan Kraft and Dan Trebil, again advanced to the Frozen Four, losing 7-3 to Boston University at Providence, R.I.

Game 470 | November 2, 1994 | Warren Moon, Chris Hinton
Very much in need of a strong, veteran quarterback, Vikings Coach Dennis Green acquired Moon from Houston. Moon passed for more than 4,200 yards in each of his first two years with the Vikings. Hinton, a veteran offensive lineman nearing the end of his career, was acquired to provide protection for Moon. Hinton's brief Vikings career was marked by injuries, and he retired at the end the 1995 season.


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