SEASON: 75 | YEAR: 2023

Game 975 | January 26, 2023 |  Rocco Baldelli, Jayce Tingler, Cory Provus

(LtoR) Dave Mona, Dave St. Peter (physician), Rocco Baldelli, Jayce Tingler, Cory Provus (moderator)

Game 976 | February 8, 2023 |  Phil Esten, Rico Blasi, Glenn Caruso, Johnny Tauer, Joe Schmit

(LtoR) Dave Mona, Rico Blasi, Phil Esten, Karen Himle, Johnny Tauer, Glenn Caruso, Joe Schmit (moderator)

Game 977 | March 2, 2023 |  Hugh McCutcheon

(LtoR) Dave Mona, Hugh McCutcheon, Karen Himle. Not pictured: Katherine Harms, physician.

Game 978 | March 30, 2023 |  Legalized Sports Betting – A Panel Discussion

(LtoR) Back row: Lester Bagley (physician), Rep. Brad Tabke (D-Shakopee); Fron row: Dave St. Peter (physician), Andrew Adams III, Paul Charchian (moderator), Rep. Pat Garofalo (R-Farmington), Karen Himle, Dave Mona

Game 979 | April 6, 2023 |  Randy Sampson, Mark Irving, Paul Allen

(LtoR) Randy Sampson, Paul Allen (moderator), Karen Himle, Mark Irving, Dave Mona

Game 980 | May 9, 2023 |  Derek Falvey, Thad Levine, Cory Provus

(LtoR) Dave St. Peter (physician), Karen Himle, Thad Levine, Derek Falvey,  Dave Mona
(Not pictured: Cory Provus, moderator)

Game 981 | May 24, 2023 |  Bahram Akradi, Chad Flynn, Blois Olson

(LtoR) Blois Olson (moderator), Bahram Akradi, Chad Flynn, Karen Himle (physician), Dave Mona

Game 982 | June 16, 2023 |  Jim Kaat, Dick Bremer

(LtoR) Dick Bremer (moderator), Karen Himle, JimKaat, Dave St. Peter (physician),  Dave Mona

Game 983 | July 18, 2023 |  Keegan Cook, Dawn Plitzuweit, Lea B. Olsen

LtoR) Dave Mona, Karen Himle, Dawn Plitzuweit, Keegan Cook, Mark Coyle (physician). Not pictured Lea B. Olsen (moderator)

Game 984 | July 25, 2023 |  Sam Bennett, John Harris

(LtoR) John Harris (moderator), Jennifer Hines, Karen Himle, Sam Bennett, Dave Mona

Game 985 | August 1, 2023 |  Andrew Luger

(LtoR) Karen Himle, Andrew Luger, Dave Mona (physician)

Game 986 | August 17, 2023 |  Andrew Miller, Kevin O'Connell, Paul Allen

(LtoR) Kevin O'Connell, Karen Himle, Lester Bagley (physician)

(LtoR) Paul Allen and Kevin O'Connell during program with Dunker members and guests following the Vikings joint practice with the Tennessee Titans.

Game 987 | September 7, 2023 |  Andrea Yoch, Nicole Lukic, Dani Foxhoven-Young

(LtoR) Dave Mona, Karen Himle, Andrea Yoch, Nicole Lukic, Dani Foxhoven-Young, Lester Bagley (physician)

Game 988 | September 21, 2023 |  Jeff Ettinger, Mark Coyle, Dave Mona

(LtoR) Dave Mona, Mark Coyle, Karen Himle, Jeff Ettinger, Doue Huebsch (physician)

Game 989 | October 10, 2023 |  Bill Guerin

(LtoR) Matt Majka (physician), Bill Guerin, Dave Mona

Game 990 | November 8, 2023 |  Ben Johnson, Mike Grimm

(LtoR) Dave Mona, Karen Himle, Ben Johnson, Mike Grimm (moderator), Jamal Abu Shamala (physician)

Game 991 | November 21, 2023 |  Chris Finch, Alan Horton

(LtoR) Karen Himle, Ethan Casson (physician), Chris Finch, Alan Horton (moderator), Dave Mona

Game 992 | December 13, 2023 |  Year End Review/Preview

Note: Mark Coyle and Wendy Blackshaw were not able to attend.

Dave St. Peter, Lester Bagley, Matt Majka, Ethan Casson, Clare Duwelius, Manny Lagos, Mark Coyle, Phil Esten, Erich Martens, Wendy Blackshaw.


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