Game 6 | December 5, 1948 | Bernie Bierman
Bernie Bierman was the most legendary coach in the history of Gopher football with five national championships to his credit. He appeared at Dunkers following the end of the 1949 season in which his team finished 7-2 and was ranked 8th nationally. It was a disappointing season for many Gopher fans as hopes were high for a team that featured Billy Bye, Bud Grant, Clayton Tonnemaker; Leo Nomellini, Wayne Robinson, Dick Gregory and Dick Anonson. Many Gopher fans thought it was the greatest collection of talent on any Gopher team in history. Bierman stepped down after finishing 1-7-1 in 1950.

Game 236 | July 8, 1975 | Lloyd Stein | Bernie Bierman
Lloyd "Snapper" Stein served as the head athletic trainer at the University of Minnesota from 1935 -1975. Known to many as the local"father of sports medicine," he became a friend to many Gopher athletes. Bud Grant described Stein as "the continuity from one generation of Gopher athletes to the next." Bierman, who retired as Gopher football coach after the 1950 season, died in 1977, following a career in which he brought five national championships to Minnesota Gopher football fans.

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