Game 883 | July 11, 2017 | The Referee Panel: Pat Fraher, NBA; Brian Mach, NHL; Jeff Seeman, NFL; Casey Hankinson
Dunker Casey Hankinson moderated a panel consisting of NFL official Jeff Seeman, NHL official Brian Mach, and NBA referee Pat Fraher, all native Minnesotans. Mach talked about being on the road so much that on a rare trip home his son referred to him as “Uncle Brian.” Fraher said that players and coaches will test new officials, but are respectful of veterans. Seeman talked of making a controversial reception call in the most recent Super Bowl that was confirmed by several of the more than 100 cameras covering the game.

(LtoR): Joel Bergstrom (physician), Pete Kostroski, Jeff Seeman; NFL; Brian Mach, NHL; Pat Fraher, NBA; Casey Hankinson (moderator); Dave Mona


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