Game 381 | March 1, 1990 | John Anderson, Chris Voelz
Dan Wilson and Brian Raabe were first-team All Americans, and Brent Gates was a second-team All American on one of Anderson's best teams. They finished 36-24-1, losing to Illinois and Ohio State in the Big Ten Tournament. Voelz, who had worked closely with Men's Athletic Director Rick Bay at Oregon, succeeded Merrily Dean Baker as Director of Women's Athletics at Minnesota in 1988 and held that position for the next 14 years.

Game 560 | February 15, 2000 | Gopher Women's Coaches
Women's Athletic Director Chris Voelz introduced head coaches in three women's sports --basketball, hockey and gymnastics. Cheryl Littlejohn coached the basketball team from 1997-2001. Laura Halldorson launched the hockey program in 1996 and held the top job for the next 11 years. Husband and wife team, Jim and Meg Stephenson, came to Minnesota in 1982 and continued to coach the gymnastics team through the 2008 season.

Wikipedia - Chris Voelz


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