Game 753 | April 6, 2010 | Target Field Preview: Dave St. Peter, Jerry Bell
With Dunkers Dave St. Peter and Jerry Bell leading the way, Dunker members ate breakFast in the Metropolitan Club and got a complete tour of the Twins' new stadium a week before the home opener against the Boston Red Sox. At mid-season, ESPN Magazine rated Target Field as offering the best stadium experience in America.

Game 927 | May 20, 2020 | Matt Majka, Andrew Miller, Ethan Casson, Dave St. Peter, Chris Wright
Dunkers switched to a virtual Zoom format to hear how the leaders of the region's professional spots team were dealing with the virus.

LtoR: Row 1: Chris Wright, Ethan Casson, Dave St. Peter; Row 2: Dave Mona, Ross Levin; Row 3: Matt Majka; Row 4: Andrew Miller

Game 940 | December 16, 2020 | Dave St. Peter, Derek Falvey, Jeremy Zoll, Alex Hassan, Marv Goldklang, Mike Veeck, Derek Sharrer, Kris Atteberry A  realignment of minor league baseball resulted in the Twins and the St. Paul Saints reaching an agreement for the Saints to become the Twins Triple AAA affiliate in ballparks separated by only 10 miles. Executives from both teams discussed the agreement and the marketing opportunities the teams plan to explore. Dave St. Peter set up this special meeting after the Twins' and Saints' partnership was announced to have St. Paul and CHS Field serve as its AAA farm club.

(LtoR) Row 2: Kris Atteberry (moderator), Derek Sharrer, Derek Falvey; Row 3: Ross Levin, Dave Mona; Row 4: Alex Hassan, Dave St. Peter (physician), Mike Veeck; Row 5: Jeremy Zoll, Marv Goldklang

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