Game 100 | November 17, 1961 | Fran Tarkenton, Tommy Mason
Tarkenton, a third-round draft choice out of Georgia, entered the Vikings' first regular-season game and led them to an upset of the Chicago Bears. He played 16 seasons in the National Football League and still leads the Vikings in career passing yards (33,098) and passing touchdowns (239). He was the league's Most Valuable Player in 1975 and was elected to the Pro Hall of Fame in 1986. Mason, a running back from Tulane who was the Vikings' first-ever draft pick, rushed for 3,285 yards and 28 touchdowns in six seasons with the Vikings.

Game 147 | October 10, 1966 | Fran Tarkenton
Like Kaat, Tarkenton was making his second Dunkers appearance in 1966. He still holds the Vikings' team record for career passing yards and career passing touchdowns. He frequently clashed with coach Norm Van Brocklin, and after the 1966 season was traded to the New York Giants. He returned to the Vikings in 1972, leading them to three Super Bowls before his retirement in 1978.

Game 213 | November 2,1972 | Fran Tarkenton, Ed Marinaro
The first running back in NCAA history to have more than 4,000 career rushing yards, Marinaro was picked by the Vikings in the second round out of Cornell University. Marinaro finished number two to Pat Sullivan in the Heisman Trophy voting, an accomplishment which earned him the nickname of "Avis." After football he turned to acting and had a regular role in the popular Hill Street Blues. Tarkenton was back from the Giants and led the team to a 7-7 record in 1972.

Game 263 | May 29, 1978 | Fran Tarkenton
Dunkers didn't know it at the time, but 1978 was to be the final season for Tarkenton. He tied his Vikings career season-best 25 touchdown passes. Age 38 when the season ended, Tarkenton decided to retire to make room for his backup, Tommy Kramer.

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