Game 1 | December 9, 1948 | Lou Boudreau, Billy Southworth, Happy Chandler, George Trautman
A major event of each baseball off-season was the annual midwinter "hot stove" baseball banquet. At the initial meeting, what was then the Minneapolis Dunkers heard from the four visitors. Boudreau, a future baseball Hall of Famer, was coming off a season in which he was named American League MVP while both playing for and managing the Cleveland Indians. Southworth managed the 1948 Boston Braves who lost the World Series that year to Boudreau's Indians. Chandler, the future governor of Kentucky, in 1948 was the second-ever commissioner of baseball. Trautman was the newly named president of the National Association of Baseball Leagues. Dunkers attendance for that first meeting was 33.

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