Game 144 | September 8, 1966 | Jim Kaat
A 14-year member of the Washington Senators/ Minnesota Twins, Kaat was on his way to his best season in 1966 when he won a league-leading 25 games and was named American League Pitcher of the Year. He started three games for the Twins in the 1965 World Series and defeated Sandy Koufax in game two. He may be best remembered as one of the greatest fielding pitchers of all time, winning the Gold Glove Award every year from 1962 to 1977. He retired in 2006 after 20 years as a Twins and New York Yankee broadcaster.

Game 354 | January 18, 1988| Jim Kaat
Five years after he retired from a major-league baseball career that lasted 25 years, Kaat joined the Minnesota Twins broadcast crew. His straight-shooting insightful style earned him a promotion to the CBS network two years later, teaming with Dick Stockton and Greg Gumbel. He served two stints as an announcer with the New York Yankees, in 1986 and from 1994-2006.

Game 412 | October 9, 1991 | Jim Kaat, Dick Stockton
Although Jack Buck and Tim McCarver drew the television broadcast assignments for the 1991 World Series, Kaat and Stockton were doing features for CBS. For Kaat it marked a return to the area where he had made his first World Series appearance as a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins. Stockton told Dunkers of meeting his wife, sportswriter and broadcaster Leslie Visser, while both covered the 1975 World Series.

Game 827 | July 14, 2014 | Rod Carew, Jim Kaat, Jim "Mudcat" Grant
Three of the best players in the early years of the Minnesota Twins took questions and told stories on subjects ranging from the 1965 World Series, playing for Billy Martin, and how they've stayed connected with the Twins organization. Carew told of the time he stole home only to see Harmon Killebrew ready to swing at the pitch. Killebrew saw Carew at the last minute and Carew safely stole home, one of seven such steals in 1969. The next day, Carew found a sign on his locker with a drawing of a tombstone which read, "Here lies the body of Rod Carew, lined to left by Killebrew."

Game 982 | June 16, 2023 |  Jim Kaat, Dick Bremer

(LtoR) Dick Bremer (moderator), Karen Himle, JimKaat, Dave St. Peter (physician),  Dave Mona

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