Game 189 | November 27, 1970 | Jim Perry, Gaylord Perry
Along with Joe and Phil Niekro, the Perrys are the only other brother combination in baseball history to have each pitcher win more than 200 games. In 1970, Jim won the Cy Young Award with a 24-12 record with the Twins. Gaylord, a 1991 Hall of Fame inductee, went 23-13 for the San Francisco Giants that year and won 314 games over a career that lasted from 1962 to 1983.

Game 660 | August 19, 2005 | Tony Oliva, Jim Perry, Frank Quilici
The Minnesota Twins had a major promotion in August 2005 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1965 team that won the American League title. Nearly 20 former players and coaches attended. Perry went 12-7 on the pitching staff. Oliva hit .321 to win his second straight American League batting title, and Quilici joined the team mid-season and fielded and hit well as a second baseman in the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.



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