Game 28 | December 16, 1952 | Paul Giel
The junior from Winona had just finished his fifth season of football by gaining 1,079 yards. Not only that, but major league baseball scouts were after him as a pitcher. Giel made multiple additional appearances as a Dunkers speaker and, in 1971, became the first former speaker to serve as Dunkers Head Coach.

Game 127 | November 15, 1964 | Paul Giel
The former Gopher great and All-American in both football and baseball, pitched briefly for the Twins in their first season. After retiring from baseball, he worked in marketing for the Minnesota Vikings and became sports director for WCCO Radio before leaving to become athletic director at Minnesota. In a 1953 feature story, Look magazine wrote:

There are dreadful sights
Through the autumn nights
That a Big Ten coach must dream.
But the worst or all
Is a kid named Paul
Who's a one-man football team.

Game 221 | September 7, 1973 | Cal Stoll, Paul Giel
A week after his Dunkers appearance, Stoll opened the Gopher football season by losing 56-7 at Ohio State. The team lost only one other Big Ten game all season, to Michigan, and finished third in the conference with a 6-2 record. As Gopher Athletic Director, Giel played a major role in luring Stoll from Wake Forest after the 1971 season.

Game 264 | August 22, 1978 | Ray Scott, Paul Giel
Giel was entering his eighth year as athletic director at the University of Minnesota. Among the challenges he discussed was the need to renovate 54-year-old Memorial Stadium, and talk in the 1970s even included the possibility of doming the old facility. Scott, a member of the top CBS football broadcasting crew until 1973, was the first broadcaster named to the American Sportscasters Hall of Fame shortly after his death in 1998.

Game 331 | January 20, 1986 | Larry Beckish, Paul Giel
At a time when the option was the preferred offense of most colleges, Beckish was already a published author and frequent speaker on the topic. Recruited by Lou Holtz to be his quarterback coach and offensive coordinator, Beckish stayed on with John Gutekunst through 1978.

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