Game 103 | January 19, 1962 | Sam Mele
His name wasn't really Sam. It was Sabath Anthony Mele, and he just went by the three initials. Mele took over from Cookie Lavagetto in midseason of 1961 and lasted until midway through the 1967 season when he was replaced by Cal Ermer. The highlight of his career was the American League championship and World Series appearance of 1965. His career managing record with the Twins was 524-436.

Game 111 | January 21, 1963 | Vic Power, Sam Mele
A native of Puerto Rico, Power was one of the all-time great fielding first basemen. He spent 12 years in the major leagues, and was with the Twins from 1962 to the middle of 1964 when he was traded to the Angels for Frank Kostro. Power's biography recalls the time in the South in the mid-1950s when he was refused service by a waitress who told him, "we don't serve colored people here." The quick-witted Power allegedly replied, "I don't eat colored people. I just want rice and beans."

Game 121 | January 22, 1964 | Sam Mele, Jim Roland, Bill Fischer
Both Roland and Fischer were counted upon to play major pitching roles for the 1964 Twins. It didn't quite work out that way for Mele, the team's manager. Fischer; in his sixth American League stop, was released and retired after appearing in only nine games. Roland won 2 and lost 6 while saving 13 games. The Twins that year finished 79-83, 20 games out of first place.



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