Game 307 | July 12, 1983 | Dan Chandler, Verne Gagne
This meeting featured two of the top wrestlers in Minnesota history. Chandler dominated the national collegiate scene in the mid-1980s and went on to compete in six World Championships. He later served as the nation's top Greco-Roman coach for two decades. Gagne, who starred in both football and wrestling at Minnesota, became a pioneer in using television to popularize professional wrestling in the 1950s and '60s. Using his trademark "sleeper" hold, Gagne delighted television audiences in matches against the likes of Mad Dog Vachon, the Crusher and Nick Bockwinkel.

Game 334 | April 3, 1986 | Verne Gagne

Always a great wrestler, Gagne was maybe more impressive as a promoter. He was back in front of Dunkers, this time to promote his "Wrestlemania" event at the Metrodome.

Wikipedia - Verne Gagne


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